Did You Know? The average American’s BMI is 27.8?! Low exercise and poor eating habits are the primary reason BMI numbers in the U.S. are rising. If you fall into the 25 and higher range, do your best to make a change! Go ahead, use this Body Mass Calculator to see your exact BMI and other interesting facts!

BMI Calculator provided by BMI or Body Mass Index is not an exact measure of your health but can be used as a guideline for managing a healthy weight according to your height. Body mass index determines whether you are underweight, ideal weight, overweight or obese. A BMI score between 18.5 to 25 is considered as healthy. A BMI score of 18.5 or less means that the person is underweight while that above 25 is an indication of being overweight. People with a BMI score above 30 are considered obese, and should consult a physician as soon as possible.
Ex- If your hight is 165cm and weight is 68kg then when you check Your BMI by BMI Calculator is 25.0 that means you are over weight.

What Is A Body Mass Index?

The Body Mass Index, or more commonly referred to as BMI is the measurement of body fat in relation to an individuals height and is a popular alternative to direct measurements of body fat. Although there is one large caveat to a BMI calculation and that is that it doesn’t distinguish fat from muscle, because muscle weighs more than fat, unless you are an athlete, bodybuilder, or someone that is naturally more muscular, the body mass index is calculated as accurately as possible with simple numbers and more than likely is a true indicator of your body fat and its relation to your health.

How Do You Calculate BMI?

To properly calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) you need to measure yourself in inches, multiply that number by itself to find the square root (example: 60 x 60), then take your weight (example: 125) and divide it by the square root number and multiply that total by 703! We understand completely if you’d rather not do the math, that’s why this calculator was created.

BMI of 17.9 or less:
If BMI Calculator indicates that your BMI is 17.9 or less then you are under weight for your height and you may be advised by a physician to gain weight in order to return to a healthier level.

BMI of 18 – 18.5:
indicates that you are thin for your height (though not necessarily under-weight) and may not be advised to gain weight in the future, but maintain your current weight, especially if you are an active person.

BMI between 18.6 – 24.9:
indicates a healthy weight for your height. This is the average that most physicians would like to see an average person fall under, and if you are in this group – keep doing what you are doing!

BMI between 25 – 29.9:
indicates you are overweight for your height. Sadly, the majority of Americans fall into this group or higher. If you are overweight, now is the best time to do something about it! Speak with a licensed physician about your diet and exercise and formulate a plan to get back on track – you can do it!

BMI of 30 or more:
BMI Calculator indicates your BMI is 30 or more then you are suffring from obesity. Same as above, now is the best time to get back on track. If your BMI is in this category, it is time to do something about it and give yourself the best chance at a healthier and happier you. Please speak with a licensed physician about your diet and exercise and formulate a plan to get back on track.

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